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Y Combinator
Backed by
Y Combinator
Personalized AI conversations at scale.

Transform Surveys into Engaging Conversations

Understand your customer journey better

  • Get deep feedback into buyer decision making process and convert more customers
  • Conduct frequent pulse-checks with your customers to prevent churn & deliver more value
  • Conduct churn interviews at scale to improve the product and sales strategies
Understand your customer journey better

Design, launch and get deep insights in minutes

Let unSurvey design your conversation flow. Refine, test and publish
Share a personalized link & let our AI moderate the entire conversation
Let unSurvey analyze, summarize and extract key data & insights

How it works

AI-curated conversation flows

Describe your conversation in natural language, and let our AI design a flow for you

Powerful no-code
conversational flow editor

Easily drag and drop topics and add logic using natural language

Dynamic, human-like multi-lingual voice and text conversations

Engage the participants in their preferred language and modality

Raw transcripts, summaries and keyword identification

Listen or read entire transcripts, or jump straight to summaries and key moments

Aggregated Insights
with deep-linked citations

Get real-time insights and reports that you can trust

Structured data extraction and vizualization

Download clean, structured data extracted automatically from each conversation, along with pre-built visualizations

Participation access controls and invitation flows

Control who can participate in the conversation - make it anonymous or invite specific contacts

Integrate with your existing workflows

Trigger an automated unSurvey based on events and actions in other apps
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